Project Management

General Introduction:

Ottoman Consulting Services is an integrated engineering service. We are in the business of delivering client-specific solutions for projects related to housing, retail, commercial, and highway and process industry. The integrated package of services encompasses engineering, designing, construction, commissioning and maintenance.
We are a multidiscipline company renowned in the region for its quality, safety and on-time delivery of projects and products. All the faculties required to deliver turnkey projects, reside within the company. This unique strength enables us to provide solutions as EPCC (engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning) services provider to a host of international clients.
OCES is a progressive organization which (as HES and FBE) worked in close coordination with clients and has established a very strong and trustworthy bond with them. We now offers complete construction related consultancy from architecture, structural design, MEP services, interior design, green energy solution, urban planning and construction project management.

Company History:
Ottoman consulting engineers and architects is a joint venture of Hussain engineering services, Faisal brother enterprises and Mansion Architects. Although Ottoman is a new name in the market but it has pool of fifteen years of multinational experience. Members of Ottoman consulting have served in Pakistan, Afghanistan, U.K, Ireland, Saudi Arabia, New Zealand and USA.

Ottoman team of engineers and architects were involved in some high profile projects in different countries like Descon Head office (Pakistan), Jeddah International Airport (KSA), Namariq Labor Camp (KSA),T5 Heathrow Tunnel (U.K), Burbo point, Multi-storey seafront apartments (U.K), ASDA store Ballyclare (Ireland) Mr. COD (Afghanistan)

The OCEA advantage:
OCEA team of engineers and Architect has extensive experience of handling large development projects from feasibility to delivery. It's in house capability to manage and design all trades involved in buildings, highways and external development projects. This leads to better coordination and efficiency in design process.

Compared to any other multinational competitor OCEA staffs have proven capability to design and deliver to international standards at economical rates.

Health & Safety policy:
OCES are committed to achieve high quality standards by:

Investing in continuous training of our staff to ensure OCES employees are using accurate, save and latest techniques to perform their task.

Understanding the requirement of our client and providing comprehensive, safe, reliable, economical and adaptable design.